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As a leading global performance materials company,
we are committed to advancing our customers’ business.

Nopion is a material-specialized company with a wide range of manufacturing technologies such as metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, functional powders, organic and inorganic composite films, and conductive adhesives. Nopion utilizes the technology of shape control of fine magnetic powder, and uniform coating technology of Nano materials on the surface of conductive powders.

In cooperation domestic & global leading IT device companies, we have been developing & providing new high-tech materials that overcome the limit of the current materials in accordance with the new trend of micro-joining or micro-packaging technology for super fine pitch design and micro size electrode interconnection. Besides,we have been developed next generation of X-band electromagnetic wave absorbing materials required by 5G, ITS and etc. Nopion keeps trying to create global values with creation & passion by our expert members.

A Champion of Technology that pursues high values, challenges and climbs to the top

It contains Nopion’s core values, visions and ideals. The circularly entwined form represents harmony and cooperation,

And just as the sun dynamically moves from east to west and shines from high altitude, the corporation image is also about shedding light on the customer and supporting its success