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R&D performance record

R&D service performance record

Consignment R&D

  • Development of magnetic field shielding sheet for medium power level wireless charger at a 100~200kHz
  • Property analysis of conductive Ag paste for high-thermal & high-power UV LED
  • Development of Ag coated copper flake for low cost conductive paste for the fine pattern laser in the touch panel bezel part
  • Development of magnetic field shielding material with a permeability rate of 150 in a three-dimensional shape, it allows setup of magnetic inductive wireless charging or wearable devices


  • Reviewed the industrial application possibility of the permalloy(FeNi) sheet manufactured by the electroforming (2016)
  • Improved corrosion resistance of soft magnetic powder development for electromagnetic wave absorption (2017)
  • Performance evaluation of Ferrite(Fe304) and review of its industrial application possibility

Technology support for manufacturing process /Analysis service

  • Soft magnetic metal powder coated with NiZn Ferrite
  • Ni coated Cu powder for high-thermal conductive adhesive

Functional powder development

Core-shell type compound ceramic powder development

  • Development of core-shell type BaTiO3 for high-capacity MLCC
  • Development of core-shell type 2nd battery anode substance to improve reliability
  • Development of core-shell LED fluorescent substance to improve heat stability
  • Development of core-shell type soft magnetic powder to improve insulation characteristic

Metal Powder development

  • Development of flake shape soft magnetic metal powder for high-frequency (Fe-Si-Al, Fe-Si-Cr, Fe-Ni, Fe-Si-Ni)
  • Development of Ni powder for MLCC use at the size of 50~100nm

Development of conductive composite material

  • Development of Ag coated Cu powder for electromagnetic wave shielding
  • Development of Ag coated Cu powder for bezel electrode
  • Development of Ag coated Ni powder for solar cell
  • Development of Ni coated Polymer powder for conductive adhesive tape

Powder for heat dissipation composite material

  • Development of core-shell type magnetic material with improved heat dissipation and insulation(Al2O3/FeNi, BN/FeSiAl)
  • Development of core-shell type conductive powder for heat dissipation adhesive

Organic / Inorganic composite material development

  • Development of soft magnetic metal sheet to improve sensitivity of Samsung Galaxy Note S pen 2011~2012
  • Development of thermal conductive material that suppress electromagnetic wave noise for LCD element protection 2012~2013
  • Development of composite material (silicon rubber Al2O3) for TIM use with thermal conductivity at the 5W/mk level 2010~2013
  • Development of EMI noise absorption film that could suppresses over 1 MHz electromagnetic noise (Relative permeability, from 1 Mhz ur 1Mhz ur ≥200) 2008~2014
  • Development of magnetic composite sheet to improve communication range of NFC system at 13.56Mhz 2012~2014
  • Development of high-thermal conductive prepreg adhesive film for the metal PCB of LED 2013~2014
  • Development of metal/macromolecule composite soft magnetic substance that has over 600 permeability and reception pad that could charge electric cars at 30kW level with efficiency and in a wireless environment 2016~2017
  • Development of SACA (Self-assembly Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive 2014~2017