We pursue a higher value by going for future technology
to help our customer’s innovation

R&D Service

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver solutions that not only meet their immediate needs, but enable them to tackle the opportunities of tomorrow

We would fulfil our responsibility as a partner who completes the overall R&D process from the initial development stage to the final commercialization stage.

1. Shortening of lead time for commercialization & development of customer’s new product
2. Decrease of risk of human resource input and facility investment for new product development
3. Increase of product quality and reliability

Service technology

Magnetic application material

  • Electromagnetic absorption material for 5G band
  • High magnetic permeability electromagnetic absorption material for IT devices
  • Manufacturing process technology of composite magnetic sheet
  • Electromagnetic wave absorption rate measurement (Near/Far Field)
  • Electromagnetic property evaluation of material (μ, ε, σ)

Conductive material

  • Surface control of powder
  • Control of powder shape
  • Uniform coating of multi-element
  • Manufacturing process of conductive adhesive film
  • Manufacturing process of conductive adhesive paste

Service Items

Consignment R&D
Technology support for manufacturing process
Analysis & test evaluation
Research consulting