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Functional Powder

Core-Shell structure powder

On the various core particles, such as metal, ceramic, and polymer, different characteristics of ceramic, metal is coated in nanoscale to overcome the single material limit. This is done to manufacture the core-shell structure powder that has the complex characteristics wanted by the customer

Core Technology
Surface development of core particles
Coating of functional metal and ceramic
Control of surface shape of coating
Adjust coating thickness

Control powder of particle shape

According to the utilization purpose and powder characteristic, particle shape was adjusted to flake structure through mechanical/physical force

Magnetic Powder
Core technology
Control various size of particles
Various process technology according to the type & and size of particles
Size and thickness control of flake structure

Functional Adhesive

Manufacture of composite materials in various forms and application such as sheet, film, and paste, made with different material and organic material such as metal, ceramic, and core-shell composite powder

Core technology
Technology of organic binder construct design
Process technology of particle surface modification & control
Diverse distribution and processing technology suited for molecular shape, type, size, & etc.
Manufacturing process technology of Sheet, Film, and Paste

Application technology of countermeasure materials to electromagnetic wave

  • Electromagnetic absorption material for 5G
  • Radiated noise reduction
  • Electromagnetic absorption materials for stealth
  • Electromagnetic shielding for wireless charging module of electric car
  • ectromagnetic shielding paint

Magnetic material / Application design

  • Selection, design and process material by application field considering its magnetic material characteristic
  • Magnetic flux, Core loss, Induction heating, Thermal simulation
  • Design and development of applied field of magnetic material
  • Design and development of applied field of magnetic material
    (Inductor, Transformer, Wireless power transfer coil, Ignition coil, current sensor and etc.)

Magnetic Material

Hard magnetic material
Soft magnetic material