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based on process optimization

Self-assembly Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive (SACA®)

New structure of Anisotropic conductive adhesive that can be bonded at low pressure
Metallic bond by conductive particles self-assembled & cohered on the electrode

What Is SACA® ?

  • SACA® developed and patented innovatively using micro-nanostructure control technology on the surface of conductive particles, curing and rheology control technology of resin is fully able to meet customer’s needs providing not only design freedom with fine pitch and low contact resistance required by 5G service and safe bonding process to reduce quality defects with lower pressure but also total cost saving by reliability improvement of end-products.


Excellent Conductivity

Lower resistance

Fine pitch circuit design

Design Freedom
80um, 50um, 10um Pitch

High reliability & long lifespan by Face bonding
Prevention of substrate damage by lower pressure
Film or Paste type are available for customer’s process optimization

Product Type

Film Type
Paste Type

Current materials vs SACA®

Current materials
Contact resistance 0.1~1.0Ω 0.02~0.2Ω
Adhesive strength 0.8kg.f/cm 1kg.f/cm
Bonding pressure > 2MPa < 0.2MPa

Product Application

Convergence to Smart Phone
Divergence to Wearable Devices
Circuit Interconnection for 5G service devices
Expansion of application product needed the benefit of SACA
Micro LED Display